Reinforced springs and leaf springs for campers and caravans

The taste of freedom with maximum safety

Instead of looking for a holiday home, free spirits prefer to choose the destination and take their home with them.

Scenic roads, views of the sea and rolling hills, mountain forests lining the route... these vehicles can take you to breathtaking views, sometimes on challenging and off-road stretches of road, where it is even more important to know that your vehicle is safe and well balanced.

If you consider the pleasure of driving and the pleasure of the landscape to be one and the same, you’ve probably chosen to take a holiday in a camper.

Stabilising the vehicle while respecting its original nature

There are many caravanners who come to us to reinforce the suspension of their vehicle, because in BSA they find a team that specialises in the maintenance and enhancement of these components for all models of campers, campervans, caravans, motorhomes and RVs.

When the suspension needs to be repaired, reinforced or replaced, our choice is to work on the original leaf springs and coil springs, improving their performance, without resorting to systems that are foreign to the nature of the vehicle.

If you’re thinking about your next holiday and feel the need for a general check before your departure, drop by the BSA garage in Santena: we’ll be happy to help!

Reinforced springs and leaf springs  for campers and caravans

In our work, there are damages that we face more often than not. A classic problem arises from the use of air suspensions. The fact is that these are not real suspensions, but rather load compensators. Vehicles without a compressed air system are not designed to withstand these rubber elements.

When mounted improperly, air springs end up causing major damage to the chassis and disrupting the work of the original suspension.

It is on these - and only on these - that action should be taken to remedy a particularly heavy load, or to balance a load difference between the left and right side. In the photos, the case of a vehicle (specifically a van) damaged by this operation.

In suspensions, as in any professional field, it is best to rely on expert hands.

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