Raise, reinforce, and check your off-road vehicle or 4x4

Reinforcements are on their way!

Have you chosen four-wheel drive? Then you’re likely driving on dirt roads in the countryside and in the mountains, and on muddy or sandy surfaces.

A 4x4 gives you more confidence when it comes to grip even on challenging surfaces due to slope or weather conditions. And some people choose 4x4s even for normal driving conditions. In any case, off-road suspension is of particular importance for a comfortable, stable and safe ride.

Whether independent-wheel or rigid-axle systems, it’s a good idea to periodically check the suspension and when appropriate, depending on use, to consider reinforcing coil springs, leaf springs and torsion bars.

A customised set-up to tackle any road surface

Come visit us at BSA: in our garage we know these beautiful cars inside out and we love them at least as much as you do. We work on all models, from the smallest to the top of the range, including collectors' and competition models.

Every off-road vehicle is unique and deserves the best, and we always keep the use and driving style of the driver in mind. That’s why each intervention requires a personalised, truly customised approach.

Listening to the customer, diagnosing the vehicle, responding flexibly, finding solutions. That's how we spend our days. That’s how we work for you and your off-road vehicle.

Raise, reinforce, and check your off-road vehicle or 4x4

Extreme driving?
Come in for a general safety check!

If you subject your off-road vehicle to the extreme stresses of muddy, watery, snowy, sandy terrain; if you drive on rough or very steep roads – have it checked often to make sure the parts that are most prone to damage are in good condition.

It’s essential to check not only the suspension, but also your tyre pressure and the electronic instrumentation that controls traction, stability and general off-road driving parameters.

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