Suspensions for
commercial and industrial vehicles

If you use a vehicle for work, give it the best

At BSA, we reinforce coil springs and leaf springs, replace shock absorbers and repair faults in the suspension system of vans, minivans, lorries and trucks. And we do it with the passion and care that every vehicle we work on deserves.

A commercial vehicle can double as a shop, an office, a workshop, a warehouse and many other things; it’s like a second home for those who work out of one. Whether you’re a delivery person, a craftsman or a maintenance technician, you need safety and excellent performance on all kinds of roads.

Serving small fleets and dealers

The entire automotive world is rapidly evolving towards more sustainable engines and energy sources. Every major design change has an impact on the vehicle's various functionalities and components. So our work is also evolving, taking into account the changes adopted by manufacturers, as well as individual driving habits and the professional use of the vehicle.

If you manage small fleets or are a commercial or industrial vehicle dealer, you may have to customise the vehicles you sell according to the use your customer will make of them. We’re at your side as suspension and shock absorber experts, aware that every situation is different and requires a customised response.

Coil springs, reinforced leaf springs, bump stops and silent-blocks. From production to maintenance, we are among the few in Italy to customise the suspension of the entire range of vans, lorries and trucks up to 3.5 tonnes available on the market.

Suspensions for<br>commercial and industrial vehicles

Commercial and industrial vehicle reinforcement

We reinforce your vehicle's leaf springs with ad hoc solutions that allow us to vary the height and increase the capacity of your vehicle, taking into account special fittings or extra load requirements.

Similarly, for models with coil springs, we can reinforce your vehicle by fitting a new customised spring.

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